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Cement International


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The technical journal for the cement industry


In comprehensive technical articles, CEMENT INTERNATIONAL reports on the properties, practical application and all aspects of the manufacture of cements and other binders.

Practice-related experience
Both reports on practical experience and up-to-date information from the areas of research and development are presented. Concomitant reports and short news items and announcements indicate to readers forthcoming trends in scientific-, product- and market developments.

CEMENT INTERNATIONAL with international orientation is bilingual (English/German). As the official organ of the German Cement Works Association (VDZ) and the Hungarian Cement Association, the journal can lay claim to the highest standards and superlative quality.

Target group oriented
Plant operators, staff at research- and testing institutes, from universities and public authorities,as well as representatives of the plant and supply industry are able to profit from the up-to-the-minute information featured on the latest findings from research and practice.


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