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MVR vertical roller mills for the limestone industry –
operating experience in the field of fine grinding

F. Tanzmann, Gebr. Pfeiffer SE, Kaiserslautern, Germany


Lime is one of the most important raw materials for mankind and was already used as mortar 14000 years ago. The importance of the material has increased steadily. In the iron and steel industry, in construction or agriculture, in road construction and in countless chemical production processes, lime is an essential agent. For the main products of the lime industry, such as ground limestone and hydrated lime, Gebr. Pfeiffer SE with its headquarters in Kaiserslautern offers equipment such as vertical roller mills, high-efficiency classifiers and lime hydrators. For limestone grinding, the MPS mill is a proven and well-known machine, which is installed in numerous plants. With the development and introduction of the MVR mill, which was first used in the cement sector, another vertical roller mill is now available, also for limestone grinding. This mill type covers a wide range of throughput rates. With the MVR mill very fine limestone products finenesses of up to 10 μm with very small residues can be realized. With additional equipment, such as the grit discharge, a wide range of product characteristics can be produced with the system.


Summary CEMENT INTERNATIONAL 03/2020 pp 26-29

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03/2020 Content:

MVR vertical roller mills for the limestone industry – operating experience in the field of fine grinding

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Influence of excess air number and coke fraction
on lime quality in mixed
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