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Evaluation of the separating process
based on the Tromp curve

H. Kruse, Christian Pfeiffer Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Beckum, Germany


Cement has to comply with internationally valid standards. From the cement manufacturer's point of view cement has to be produced with the lowest possible energy input. Cement production can be divided into different sub-processes, whereby the cement grinding process plays an important role in this context. In this process, the high performance separator is a particularly important piece of equipment alongside the mill. A common method of assessing the efficiency of such a separator is the setting up and evaluation of the so-called Tromp curve. On the basis of this curve, shown in a diagram, a separating process can be analyzed and optimized. This makes it possible to discover and avoid problems within the whole grinding plant. The setting up and careful evaluation of the Tromp curve is therefore a “must” for every operator of the cement grinding plant of today.


Summary CEMENT INTERNATIONAL 02/2020 pp 28-33

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Evaluation of the separating process based on the
Tromp curve

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