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Dolomite-rich carbonate rocks as cement main constituent

K. Lipus, N. Dietrich, J. Rickert, Research Institute of the German
Cement Industry, VDZ gGmbH, Duesseldorf, Germany


The suitability of dolomite-rich carbonate rocks as a cement main constituent and thus for the production of highperformance cements and concretes of high durability was investigated. Four Portland cements were combined with five carbonate rocks containing different dolomites and a calcite-rich limestone as reference material, to investigate a total of thirty CEM II/A cements with 20 mass % and CEM II/B with 30 mass % of the carbonate constituent. The dolomite content of the carbonate rocks was between 67 and 98 mass %. Fresh and hardened concrete properties were tested. The focus was on studies on frost resistance. It turned out that all tested dolomite-rich carbonate rocks have shown a comparable high-performance with the calcite-rich reference limestone. Differences of Portland cement (clinker) properties had a greater impact on the cement and concrete performance than the differences between the five dolomite containing carbonate rocks. Based on the results of the investigation, dolomite-rich carbonate rocks could also be used as a cement main constituent as well as limestones defined in the current cement standard. A corresponding change in the cement standard would enable cement producers to use also dolomitic limestone resources in their quarries in future.


Summary CEMENT INTERNATIONAL 03/2019 pp 54-61

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