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New processing plant for premixed dry mortar in Indonesia

B. Beuchert, J. Klemke, K. Mayer, S. Walter,
Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co. KG, Hardheim, Germany


The construction industry in Indonesia is running at full speed. Numerous companies in the country have taken up the production of building materials. The Lemindo Group has also invested in the production of premixed dry mortar with PT Anugerah Mortar Abadi in Jakarta. This article describes details of the new Erich processing plant for premixed dry mortar, which is designed for an annual output of up to 120 000 t in single-shift operation. In addition to listing the scope of supply and work the article also contains information about the design engineering for the processing plant. A separate section deals with the mixer, the key unit in any premixed dry mortar processing plant. The advantages of the Eirich counterflow intensive mixer are contrasted with the axial mixer generally used and a flow sheet provides detailed information about the demanding plant project.


Summary CEMENT INTERNATIONAL 03/2019 pp 34-39

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03/2019 Content:

New processing plant for premixed dry mortar in Indonesia

High-performance screening plants for the production of high-quality dry mix mortar in Thailand

Successful operation of ceramic rotary valves at Karsdorf cement plant

Dolomite-rich carbonate rocks as cement main constituent

Microstructure and morphology dependence of clinker on chemical composition and raw material fineness

Extended initial test for air-entrained concrete with superplasticizer under consideration of practical construction conditions