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High-pressure grinding – an efficient way
to produce cement raw meal

B. Benski, S. Diedenhofen, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG, Beckum, Germany


The cement industry is moving towards greener technologies by reducing power and heat consumption. The characteristics of cement raw materials have a major effect on the energy consumption of finish-grinding systems. Therefore it is very important to know the advantages of the individual grinding systems in order to select the most efficient and economical solution. Operating principles of the high pressure grinding roll (POLYCOM®) in connection with the static-dynamic separator SEPOL®PC are briefly explained in addition to the advantages of a finish-grinding system. Optimal preconditions of raw material, such as high grindability and low moisture content are the key figures for the success of a POLYCOM® grinding system. A comparison between different energy-efficient comminution technologies, between a POLYCOM® mill and a vertical roller mill will be presented to highlight the possible power savings. The essential difference between the grinding systems, in relation to pneumatic and mechanical material transport, is explained to illustrate the energy saving potential of finish-grinding systems. Another important aspect is the wear protection concept of the POLYCOM® roll body. Wear behavior over the roll bodies surface of the roll bodies will be demonstrated, especially for abrasive raw material. Due to the optimal accessibility, the general maintenance work and in particular the processing of the roller body surface, an acceptable service life time can be achieved.


Summary CEMENT INTERNATIONAL 03/2017 pp 74-78

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in rotary kilns

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High-pressure grinding –
an efficient way to produce cement raw meal