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Modern forms of qualification in the
cement, lime and concrete industries

L. Thomas, S. Schäfer, P. Schäffel, VDZ gGmbH, Duesseldorf,
M. Ogilvie, M. Del Arte, Association of the German Lime Industry (BVK), Cologne, A. Wolter, Institute of Non-Metallic Materials, TU Clausthal, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany


The availability of skilled personnel is essential for the longterm success of companies. Only with competent, motivated and well trained staff can the ever more complex plants of the non-metallic minerals industries be operated costeffectively and safely in a difficult market-based environment combined with increasing demands for environmentally friendly production. In particular, technical innovations and an increase in productivity over the past years have caused a continuous rise in the demands made on the flexibility and skill of employees.


Summary CEMENT INTERNATIONAL 03/2017 pp 50-59

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03/2017 Content:

Simulation of lime burning
in rotary kilns

Modern forms of qualification in the cement, lime and concrete industries

Numeric modelling of exhaust gas flow in cement production

Influence of the refractory lining on the cost efficiency of clinker production

High-pressure grinding –
an efficient way to produce cement raw meal