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Official launch of East Malaysia’s first integrated cement plant

M. Halbur, Christian Pfeiffer Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Beckum, Germany


After a performance test of 4 x 20 hours, the Christian Pfeiffer Maschinenfabrik GmbH from Beckum successfully commissioned a modern cement grinding plant with downstream transport- and silo equipment as well as a subsequent pack- and silo system for the handling of loose and packaged cement in the east of Malaysia. Planned as a turnkey project, the fully automatic plant was erected in only 18 months for the cement manufacturer Cahya Mata Sarawak (CMS) next to their operating rotary kiln line in Mambong, Kuching. The core equipment is a two-compartment ball mill Ø 4.8 m x 15.0 m, which is mounted on slide shoe bearings and driven by a lateral drive unit with girth gear and a two-pinion gear unit with an installed drive power of 5 600 kW. The ball mill, which operates in closed circuit with a Christian Pfeiffer High Efficiency Separator of the latest generation, is equipped with self-sorting liner plates in the second grinding compartment and is filled with Allmax grinding balls (filling ration aproximately 28 %) The material flow from the first to the second grinding compartment is controlled by an intermediate diaphragm with flow control. The separator, operating in closed circuit with the mill, is the high-efficiency separator of the type QDZ 248-Z, which is characterized by its steep separation cut size. The cement produced is stored in two silos with a capacity of 10 000 t each, in the mono- and duo-cell construction design, which allows the intermediate storage of three different types of cement. For the packaging of 50 kg cement sacks, a rotation packing machine with a packing capacity of 3 000 sack/h is available. The performance test was carried out during the production of Portland cement with a grinding fineness of 3 500 cm2/g acc. to Blaine. The throughput with 155.8 t/h was above the guaranteed value of 150 t/h. The specific electric energy demand for the grinding plant, silos and bagging plant was 38.8 kWht/t and consequently below the guaranteed value of 40 kWh/t.


Summary CEMENT INTERNATIONAL 02/2017 pp 42-47

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Official launch of East Malaysia’s first integrated cement plant

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