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Making central cone silos even better

I. Urbach, IBAU Hamburg Ingenieurgesellschaft Industriebau mbH, Hamburg, Germany


IBAU Hamburg has equipped more cement silos with central cone extraction systems than any other supplier and has always set the standards for this technology. Tried and tested solutions were the starting point for the company’s engineers to develop even better solutions for their customer’s requirements. In the last two years large-scale tests have been carried out at the silo plants of several clients to identify how the energy requirements of silo extraction can be reduced. The results are better than expected. Not only can up to 40 % of energy consumption be reduced, but wear in the downstream equipment can be minimized and bulk loading times significantly improved. It is also possible to reduce silo wall loads and improve silo safety. The new concept is available for all new IBAU central cone silos and existing silos can be modernized with a return on investment being achieved very quickly.


Summary CEMENT INTERNATIONAL 01/2017 pp 40-45

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Making central cone silos even better

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