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Effect of cement kiln bypass dust
on the performance of cast earth

H. Y. Ghorab, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science,
Helwan University and G&W Science and Engineering,
A. S. Meawad, A. H. Hassan, Chemistry Department,
Faculty of Science, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt


This contribution is part of an investigation series carried out on aspects related to earth construction. It deals with the production of cast earth, a third option for construction with stabilized soil besides compressed earth block and rammed earth. In this work the initial flowability of sandy soil stabilized with 10 mass % CEM I and 1 to 3 mass % polynaphthalene sulfonate superplasticizer was measured. The fluidity retention was monitored for times up to 90 minutes. The effect of replacing the cement by 5 to 75 mass % cement kiln bypass dust on the flowability and compressive strength of the mixes was measured. The results show that the initial flowability of the soil/cement mix is positively affected by the cement kiln dust. The slump is weakly retained by increasing the dust content and the compressive strength decreases.


Summary CEMENT INTERNATIONAL 05/2016 pp 52-57

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Effect of cement kiln bypass dust on the performance of cast earth

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