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Optimizing an existing dolomite processing plant

T. Fraszczak, T. Mütze, U. A. Peuker, Technische Universität
Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute of Mechanical Process
Engineering and Minerals Processing,
B. Lychatz, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg,
Institute of Iron and Steel Technology, Freiberg,
O. Ortlepp, Wünschendorfer Dolomitwerk GmbH, Wünschendorf, Germany


Wünschendorfer Dolomitwerk GmbH is currently changing the extraction in stages from open-cast mining to underground mining for the production of burnt dolomite. This means that changing rock morphology, among other things, can be expected. It was therefore necessary to investigate the extent to which these changes affect the processing characteristics and whether the existing crushing and screening processes can be optimized with respect to the yield of a product size distribution through which the gas can flow easily. In addition to an analysis of the state of the existing plant it was also predicted, from the basic investigations, that there might be an increase in the target size fraction and a reduction in the quantity of fine material. The yield of kiln stone was increased by more than 10 % by the subsequent expansion of the processing plant to include preliminary screening. This article uses this practical problem to demonstrate the benefits of comprehensive characterization of the starting material for optimizing existing preparation processes.


Summary CEMENT INTERNATIONAL 05/2016 pp 44-50

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05/2016 Content:

Population-balance-based model concerning comminution in a particle bed

Consideration of additional influencing variables during impact comminution

Optimizing an existing dolomite processing plant

Effect of cement kiln bypass dust on the performance of cast earth

Influence of clay minerals
on the action of PCE superplasticizers