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Consideration of additional influencing
variables during impact comminution

Y. Al-Khasawneh, German Jordanian University, School of Natural Resources Engineering and Management, Amman, Jordan


A description is given of the test results from experiments for determining the influence of the shape of the feed
material on the target variables during single particle impact comminution. For this purpose differently shaped pieces of limestone, granite and glass were submitted to single particle stressing in the trials. An HASA high resolution impact analyzer was used to investigate the process. This analyzer was used to determine variables such as the contact force and contact time for characterizing the intensity of loading and as a measure of the dynamic loading of mechanical elements in machines for impact comminution. The energy consumption and comminution technology variables were also determined. During the analysis of the results it became clear that the particle shape of the feed material has a strong influence on the target variables mentioned, with the result that the findings could be formulated into various statements. For example, the measured contact force during the comminution of spherical particles was up to 100 % higher than during the comminution of irregular, extremely flat, particles. It was also established that the contact time between impact bar and particle increases with increasing elongation or flatness of the feed material particles but falls with increasing cubicity. The results obtained from the single particle impact trials not only provide useable findings for the design and construction of impact crushers but also give the plant operators information about the quality of the comminution product and the energy utilization that can be expected in relation to the surface area.


Summary CEMENT INTERNATIONAL 05/2016 pp 34-43

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